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Talk to a doctor for FREE now, get your medications delivered in minutes and manage your special health needs with Pharst Care.

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Phars+ Care

The Pharmacy in your pocket!

Pharst Care is your first point of contact for any health related issue.
Talk to a doctor Now, not later, get your medications delivered, get lab tests done with our mobile lab services, access tonnes of preventive healthcare resources and utilise our technologies and resources to manage your specific health needs. If it's not an emergency or surgery, then you're at the perfect place. We are redefining primary healthcare from a pharmacy-first approach.

Relax, the pharmacy is now in your pocket.

What We Do Best

Free Consultation

We have qualified doctors available for free consultations, side effect reporting and close monitoring of your health status.

User Friendly

No need to brag but we have a very simple, beautiful and user friendly interface, you can do everything all on your own.

Upload Prescriptions

Can't see what the doctor has written? we understand, upload your prescription with the camera button and we will take care of the rest

Quick Order

Open the app tab the search box and tell us what you need, that's all.

Location Based, Cost Effective

Our algorithms take your location to cut down the cost of delivery, this means, it does not matter where you are, we serve you like anyone else.

Available for other facilities

Do you have a pharmacy, a lab, a hospital or a tele health platform that needs our services or collaboration? Talk to us.


We deliver the Pharmacy

No need to walk or drive to a pharmacy, it's now on your phone.

Consult with our Doctors, order for your medications,upload prescriptions, over the counter medicines, home care items, sanitary pads, condoms, lubricants...,anything you can find in a pharmacy, and get them delivered wherever you find yourself and at anytime of the day.

Talk To A Doctor

App screenshots

Phars+ Care's various interfaces

What People Are Asking

This is a virtual pharmacy that you can carry with you anywhere. It means we can get your medications to you anywhere and anytime, you don't need to know about where hundreds of pharmacies are because we got you covered.

Pharst Care also features a venting/counselling platform, where you vent or get counselling without revealing your identity to the counselor or professional.

There is also a social platform, it's a community of people discussing trending and jaw dropping topics without anyone revealing their identity.

That's Pharst Care in a nutshell, relax, pharmacy dey your pocket.

Yes Please. We have Pharst Care for businesses, which means we can also deliver drugs to your customers if you have a health care system whether an online health care system or a physical one.

You can integrate Pharst Care into your systems and directly submit prescriptions from your end, and your patients are covered.

Do not worry. We have competent developers that can pull-off a system for you, customized to your needs. Just contact us and you are done.

Good question, Pharst Care Business is made for hospitals, phamacies and courier services. You can add up your courier service and have the benefit of getting direct package delivery requests from us.

We also have you covered if you need a site for your clients to be making package delivery requests to you, you simply generate a link from the dashboard we will provide you after registering your courier service and send this link to your clients, they can now make package delivery requests to you directly without even signing in, just by tapping on that link.

We will help your clients track their packages, help you easily locate them and even make sure you stay in communication until you deliver to them.

This is where Pharst Movers comes in, you can register as an individual mover on the platform, we will notify you about packages near you that need to be delivered, you deliver either on foot or with your own motor bike or even bicycle and we pay you, how good is that?

Install the app now!

Why hassle when you can have it all on your phone?. Pharst Care is on both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store


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